RugMark becomes GoodWeave, takes on new challenges

After 15 years of protecting children and promoting ethical carpet and rug production, RugMark is phasing out its existing label and logo, replacing it with “GoodWeave” in order to reflect a new emphasis that incorporates broader labor and environmental standards.

Both the existing RugMark label and the new GoodWeave label certify that no children under age 14 were employed by the manufactory responsible for making the labeled rug.

In addition, GoodWeave will be working toward improving general labor conditions and increasing environmental responsibility in the five countries in which it operates. RugMark/GoodWeave is the only voluntary licensing program which uses independent verification to ensure its standards are met.

We’re very pleased with these developments. Our continued status as GoodWeave manufacturers allows us an effective means by which we can address some of the labor and environmental challenges we face in our industry. Our first batch of carpets with the new GoodWeave label will probably arrive in early September.

Read more details on the GoodWeave blog.