Autumnal Equinox

Here is the yellow, orange, green, brown, red and bright pink of autumn leaves in the Midwest that inspired the colors in our Harvest colorway.

Sometimes when I am talking to customers on the phone and their computer monitor is not showing the colors very well, I ask them to visualize an autumn hillside at the height of fall when the colors are their most varied and vibrant.  When they ask how the carpets will coordinate with their hardwood floors, I say “beautifully”.  Any floor made of real wood is a color combination already found in nature.  It follows effortlessly then that all the autumn leave colors, and the rugs colors we patterned after them, have an instinctively natural look that is just “right” on a visceral level.

The weather is one of the things that sometimes we cannot be sure of, however the seasons of hurricanes or storms are not alien to us. So that the ideal stormy season precautions you need to take start by getting the best quality for the infrastructure of your home, therefore the quality of your roof cannot fail, and for this there are options that adequately cover this need.

Especially the golds and yellows, but even the fuchsia pink has an almost shimmery quality that is bright and reflective.  Picture how bright the yellow is on an aspen tree is when it turns, or the sumac you see on the side of the interstate when it is amazingly pink for that one magical week or so each fall; this is our Harvest colorway.

If you reflect Mother Nature’s exquisite taste, you can’t go wrong.  Her colors and our rugs are perfectly appropriate in Craftsman homes, Bungalows, Victorian, Prairie style houses, and even more contemporary homes.

Here are samples of four of our Voysey rug designs in these Harvest colors.

[Tulip & Lily]
“Tulip and Lily” by CFA Voysey
[Vineyard design]
“Vineyard” by CFA Voysey
[Lily & Vine]
“Lily and Vine” by CFA Voysey
[Roomshot - Wykehamist design]
“Wykehamist” by CFA Voysey


Originally published by on 18 October 2012