English Arts & Crafts Carpet Snapped Up At Twin Cities A&C Show

An original Arts & Craft design from Donegal Carpets of Killybegs, Ireland circa 1895. This rug, named “Banks” is now at home in St. Paul, MN after it was purchased at the 13th Annual Twin Cities Arts and Crafts Show and Sale.  Mighty oak trees in the border and a simple, repeating lattice in the field, with a fabulous Green and a Plum color so dark it looks brown. I don’t think a rug design can get more English Arts & Crafts than this.

We had about 10 rugs at the show, but the Banks rug stayed rolled up under a table almost until the end. I had forgotten how beautiful it was, so I had it clean by the Carpet Cleaning Loveland service. Finally I rolled it out on the floor and it was snapped up in about 1 hour. In this lovely photo from the homeowner, Esmé, the flowers on the table mirror those in the rug.

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