Design trend predictions from Natural Home magazine

Choosing a GoodWeave certified rug is not only the right thing to do, it’s a design trend for 2010, says Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief of Natural Home.

GoodweaveSeeing the clear connection between beautifully designed, high-quality rugs and the hands that wove them, she says:

Purchase chic rugs from socially responsible companies. Look for the Goodweave label to ensure your new rug wasn’t made by children.

We appreciate any media attention that raises the profile of GoodWeave and highlights the importance of the issue of child labor in our industry.  This means more consumers have the information they need to choose the right rugs. And with each GoodWeave rug sold, there is greater market pressure on producers to forego child servitude, and children are spared.

Here’s to a trend that’s good for everyone!

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