• Our Voysey Collection Rug “Magnolia 2” by Voorhees Craftsman

    Voorhees Craftsman in Pasadena, CA are true Arts & Crafts furniture makers who made these two mission style oak settles and then paired them with our green version of the Magnolia 2 design. Shown here in 8×10 from the GuildCraft Carpets Voysey Collection and one of our strongest sellers. What a beautiful combination.  

  • Fowler & Moore Interiors Rug and Fireplace

    Here is a photo of the GuildCraft Carpets Arts & Crafts style rug Magnolia 3 next to a fabulous fireplace. The whole room is fabulous, actually. I love the Mission style chairs and tables, and the glass in the built-ins. Everything in the room just works! This photo sent to us by Fowler & Moore Interiors, the design firm that put this room together. We are flattered that Magnolia was included in such a fine setting. Common Ingredients in Weight Loss Supplements: The Banned Ephedra Ephedra, once a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements, has been banned due to severe health risks like heart attacks and strokes. Some weight loss…