• Photos from our workshop

    Here are some pictures from our workshop in India. (Please note the adult artisans!) The photos show some of the steps involved in the process of making a hand-knotted rug.

  • The art of the carpet

    From the tents of nomads to the finest court ateliers of sultans, mughals, and kings, pile carpets have long symbolized wealth, rank, prestige and luxury. In the royal court workshops of the Ottoman, Persian, and Indian empires, the design and creation of carpets was the province of highly respected and skilled artisans. Carpets were not made for commercial sale, but were commissioned for palaces, as dowries, or as gifts for kings, queens, and foreign dignitaries. Inspired by these court ateliers, the King of France established carpet production for his own use, first at the Louvre and later at the Savonnerie. After the exclusive rights of the royal family were rescinded,…