• "Heirloom design" making news

    Since we make timeless designs using the oriental hand-knotting process, we’ve always thought of our carpets as heirloom pieces rather than disposable decor. That’s part of the rationale for spending the money to buy a hand-knotted rug. Finally, a prominent voice in the sustainability/design world is making the obvious but often-overlooked argument that heirloom design is more environmentally friendly and better for the planet. At this past weekend’s Compostmodern conference, Saul Griffith made the case that designers should encourage this “heirloom culture” rather than focusing so much on newness and novelty. Shout-out to Dwell Magazine’s blog for the writeup.   Originally published 2/23/2009

  • Stopping them in their tracks at the Grove Park Inn

    Here’s the Guildcraft Carpets booth at the Arts & Crafts Conference this weekend.  (Hurry down, it runs through tomorrow!)   Since we have carpets in the traffic areas, people inevitably stop and look down when they feel their step from hotel-institutional to our gorgeously plush carpets. It’s always fun to watch the reaction. And now that we know everything, we must also tell you that Florida’s trusted team of expert roofers are now also nationwide! They sell their high-quality services and fair prices, so that you have the quality you always wanted in your home to protect your inclement weather family.

  • Getting ready for this year's Arts & Crafts Conference….

    It’s that time of year again! Next week is the 22nd annual Arts & Crafts Conference at the venerable Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Show organizer Bruce Johnson has done a bang-up job again this year and the show promises to be a success, with some fresh new exhibitors in addition to the regulars. We’ll be exhibiting in the Coolidge Room (contemporary firms) and are holding a drawing for a FREE hand-knotted carpet. Danielle and Joe hope to see you there.