• Dublin Castle

    Here we are, paying homage to the new Donegal carpet on the Battleaxe Landing. Afterwards, we toured the castle, where Danielle got in touch with her inner princess (not much of a stretch). More photos from the trip can be viewed here.

  • Visiting the Emerald Isle

    While in Ireland meeting with potential investors in Dublin, we made a trip up to the northwest coast to visit the Donegal Carpets factory in Killybegs. Here we are, at one of the original Canadian pitch-pine looms from 1898, which is still in use.

  • Davis, Freud, and Donegal Carpets

    The first coup: A licensing agreement to produce rugs for the venerable Donegal Carpets company of Killybegs, Ireland. At the National Oriental Rug Show in Atlanta, sponsored by Architectural Digest, we were joined by Michael McDaid, owner of Donegal Carpets, to support their re-introduction of the brand in the US market.

  • RUGMARK – Working to Eliminate Illegal Child Labor

    We are a proud member of RUGMARK, a global nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in India, Nepal and Pakistan. RUGMARK does this through loom and factory monitoring, consumer labeling, and running schools for former child workers. It’s a great organization that does excellent work on a very small budget, and we’re very happy to have a part in supporting RUGMARK’s mission by donating a percentage of the manufacturing costs of each of our carpets. The RUGMARK label is the best assurance that no illegal child labor was employed in the manufacture of a carpet or rug. Visit the Rugmark website for…