• Fowler & Moore Interiors Rug and Fireplace

    Here is a photo of the GuildCraft Carpets Arts & Crafts style rug Magnolia 3 next to a fabulous fireplace. The whole room is fabulous, actually. I love the Mission style chairs and tables, and the glass in the built-ins. Everything in the room just works! This photo sent to us by Fowler & Moore Interiors, the design firm that put this room together. We are flattered that Magnolia was included in such a fine setting.

  • FAQ Part 4: The care and feeding of your carpet

    Up until now, we haven’t had a section for FAQs. We certainly DO have frequently asked questions, so we’ve prepared a series of posts which we hope will address some of those. Eventually we’ll compile a standard Q&A format for our FAQ page. This is Part 4 in the series. (See Part 1, Part 2 , and Part 3 .) We’d appreciate it very much if you’d leave a comment if you find the posts helpful, or if you have followup questions. Hand-knotted woolen rugs, which are made using the same technique as fine Persian (“oriental”) carpets, are very durable; their construction and the particular qualities of wool fiber make…