Arts & Crafts Conference, Grove Park Inn

We heard some rather sad news – artisan and woodworker Peter Maynard of Cold River Furniture suffered a concussion and broken pelvis a couple of weeks ago. We’re relieved to hear that Peter is expected to make a full recovery, but the timing of the accident couldn’t have been worse, as it prevents Cold River Furniture from exhibiting at the 20th anniversary Arts & Crafts Conference in Asheville, NC this weekend.

Danielle and I will be taking over their booth space this year, and letting their clientele know that they’ll be back in their usual location at the next conference. We’re grateful to Peter and Marcy for the opportunity to exhibit our carpets in their space, and wish Peter the speediest possible recovery.

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  • Mark Burkland

    I had the opportunity to meet Tracy and Danielle in Asheville last week at the Arts and Crafts Conference. With ease and grace that come only through tremendous expertise, they helped me understand much more about the detail and craftmanship that separates a very good carpet from that truly is exactly right for a particular space. Very impressive.