20th Annual Arts & Crafts Conference, Asheville, NC

The Grove Park Inn I didn’t have my tech toys primed well enough to blog from on-site as I’d hoped, but here are some choice photos from the Arts & Crafts Conference at the venerable Grove Park Inn. We brought our CAD guy, Justin, along so he could hear first-hand the rave reviews our carpets receive, and what a difference it makes to have good drawing for the artwork used to make the weaving cartoons. (Doing that in-house, with our scrupulous attention to detail, is one of the things that distinguishes our GuildCraft carpets from others in the marketplace.)

Photos from our booth:



Justin snapped this picture of Michael FitzSimmons and me poring over yarn and colors. Look at the intensity on those faces, wouldja. You can’t tell from the photo, but Michael and I actually are having fun.