• Autumnal Equinox

    Here is the yellow, orange, green, brown, red and bright pink of autumn leaves in the Midwest that inspired the colors in our Harvest colorway. Sometimes when I am talking to customers on the phone and their computer monitor is not showing the colors very well, I ask them to visualize an autumn hillside at the height of fall when the colors are their most varied and vibrant.  When they ask how the carpets will coordinate with their hardwood floors, I say “beautifully”.  Any floor made of real wood is a color combination already found in nature.  It follows effortlessly then that all the autumn leave colors, and the rugs…

  • Blogging Again

    After five years of not blogging, we’re picking it up again. The interim has been filled with wonderful customers, fabulous custom projects, and experimenting with different forms of social media to interact with people. Now we’ve decided that this is where we’ll be posting most of our original content, and sharing it via our Facebook page, Pinterest, and/or Instagram feeds. The main thing is for us to stay in touch, and make it easy for you to find us and connect. So no matter your media preference, we hope to make it convenient for you. Please stop by and say hello, wherever you find us. This post needs an image.…

  • Donnemara Photoshoot

    Michelle Nelson Design staged a photo shoot for a Motawi fireplace installation that was designed, installed and executed by three Artistic License Guild members: Michelle Nelson, Riley Doty and Christopher Yerke. Also featured in the shot is the Donnemara Harvest, designed by the English arts and crafts designer, C.F.A. Voysey, and manufactured by GuildCraft Carpets. Room photography by Daniel Moore. And what a fabulous one it is!    

  • Danielle’s Living Room Re-do

      We finally had our living room repainted. A Benjamin Moore color named “Cork”, recommended by Michelle Nelson Design in Berkeley, CA. The room was too dark for MN winter so we brightened it up a bit. Now it has a warm glow all day and in the evening too. I brought in a different rug, of course. This one is Donnemara 8×10 in Harvest colors. Now I’m cozied up on the couch- Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.   Originally published 12/7/2012