• Project update on Ellison-Ashley rug

    We’ve been woefully lax in our blogging, and I have several project updates to do. I just added this photo of the Prairie-style design we did for a client earlier this year, based on her custom art glass window. You can read more about the origin of the design, and stained-glass artisan Theodore Ellison, on my original post.

  • Are they really worth a thousand words? You tell us.

    We have several new photo albums on our Flickr page, and we’re adding more sets and photos all the time. In addition to the recent set of photos from our weaving workshop, we also have a growing assortment of pictures of custom order carpets and photographs of our carpets in clients’ homes. View all sets on our Flickr page.   Originally published 5/31/2009

  • The art of the carpet

    From the tents of nomads to the finest court ateliers of sultans, mughals, and kings, pile carpets have long symbolized wealth, rank, prestige and luxury. In the royal court workshops of the Ottoman, Persian, and Indian empires, the design and creation of carpets was the province of highly respected and skilled artisans. Carpets were not made for commercial sale, but were commissioned for palaces, as dowries, or as gifts for kings, queens, and foreign dignitaries. Inspired by these court ateliers, the King of France established carpet production for his own use, first at the Louvre and later at the Savonnerie. After the exclusive rights of the royal family were rescinded,…

  • The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion project

    We just received these photos of our Pabst sample on loom. It’s very encouraging to finally see this design take on a three-dimensional life. This sample is being woven of Himalayan wool using the Tibetan cut-loop weaving technique. Making a sample, sometimes referred to as a “hand trial” or “strikeoff”, is often part of the process of creating a custom carpet. This allows us to confirm the color choices and color matching, and provide a more accurate representation of the look and feel of the finished carpet.

  • Theodore Ellison "art glass window" carpet

    We recently did a project with stained glass artisan Theodore Ellison, who designed a carpet for a private client to coordinate with his “Ashley” art glass window. The window: The carpet design: The carpet was made in India of pure New Zealand wool, which is both soft to the touch and very durable. And of course, RUGMARK-certified free of child labor. I’ll post a picture of the completed carpet as soon as I can. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ted and look forward to doing more in the future. 12/14/09: I forgot to add the photo of the completed carpet.  It’s gorgeous, despite the bad lighting in the pic. (Yes,…